Arun Taneja's cloud tips: Wrangling the benefits out of cloud storage

Arun Taneja's cloud tips: Wrangling the benefits out of cloud storage

Cloud storage can be a difficult beast to wrangle. Whether you're contemplating which applications to move into the cloud, or just trying to understand how to select and deal with a cloud storage provider, making a decision about a cloud storage solution for your business environment isn't an easy process.

In the first two articles in his cloud tips series, Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst at Hopkinton, Mass.-based Taneja Group, explains how to avoid vendor lock-in and the benefits of incorporating the cloud into your disaster recovery (DR) strategy. In his third and fourth tips on working in the cloud, Taneja helps readers understand the ins and outs of cloud storage gateways, and lists the best (and worst) applications to place into the cloud.

Table of contents:

How to avoid vendor lock-in and manage cloud service providers

The issue of vendor lock-in is on the minds of many users who want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage -- like cost reduction and ease of accessibility -- without the risk of being unable to switch to another cloud provider at a later date. In the first of Taneja's four cloud tips, he lists three guidelines for users to stick with as they shop for a cloud storage service provider.

The importance of creating a cloud storage disaster recovery plan

In part two of his cloud tips series, Taneja explains to readers why a cloud-enabled disaster recovery plan can be a great solution for businesses. For storage pros faced with choosing a cloud provider, Taneja provides six questions they need to get answered. He also outlines the three types of cloud DR plans available to users.

Uses and case studies for cloud storage gateways

In this cloud storage tip, Taneja explains the relevance of gateways, also referred to as cloud storage appliances or cloud storage controllers. He offers a technology drill-down on the role of gateways in a data center and lists the various ways in which cloud gateways can be implemented to take advantage of cloud storage solutions.

The best applications to place in the cloud

Once an IT professional has decided that implementing a cloud storage solution is the best option, the next step is deciding how to take advantage of the strongest benefits a cloud solution can offer. In finale of his cloud tips series, Taneja lists the applications that would do best in the cloud -- including virtualized and collaborative applications -- as well as those apps, like those handling mission-critical data, that would suffer if placed in the cloud.